1 Malaysia 0 Heart

Almost zero. Ever since the Pulau Ketam Dog Rescue Mission, I regularly get e-mails from well-meaning Malaysians seeking advice and help in rescuing abused or injured animals. Big hugs to them.

Lately, I have also been receiving plenty of mail from angry foreigners condemning two (globally-publicised) incidents involving our citizens. One guy brutally abused his ‘pet’ dog and another girl trampled a few kittens to death. As a Malaysian, I hold my head down in shame.

To quote Gandhi (again); “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated” Yes. Not by its shiny towers and shallow Bolehness. As my faith in humanity floundered further, I received an e-mail from two students from the Multimedia University (MMU) in Cyberjaya last night. It read:

“hi… there is a dog stuck in a deep hole in cyberjaya… we tried to get it out but we do not have anything to get it out with.. this is the second day it’s been stuck in there.. is there a chance you could help get it out..??”

Dog In A Hole - Lonely, Hungry & Scared

Dog In A Hole - Lonely, Hungry & Scared

Photo credit: Sello Leteane

I called the given number and spoke to Sello Leteane and Siphiwe Mililo from Botswana. They told me a stray dog had fallen into a sink hole of about 2 meters deep. It was stuck inside for two days already and crying desperately. I told them to give it some food (which they already did) while I revert.

After consulting with Wani of the NGO Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better (big thanks to her for picking up the phone late at night), I explained to the students that is best to call the Fire & Rescue Department in Cyberjaya. Neither of us have the equipment nor expertise to get into that hole.

I decided to go see myself the next day. Just before my arrival, the Fire & Rescue Department had already rescued the dog and it ran back into the woods. Kudos and gratitude to the Bomba team for responding swiftly.

After the rescue, I advised Sello to cover up the hole to prevent another mishap.

After the rescue, I advised Sello to cover up the hole to prevent another mishap.

Standing Tall: Sello Leteane and Siphiwe Millio (not in pic)

Standing Tall: Sello Leteane and Siphiwe Mililo (not in pic)

Sello, Siphiwe and I felt greatly relieved. Interestingly, Sello told me that back home in Botswana, dogs and cats usually have families. Notice he said family instead of owner? I hope more Malaysians will embrace their attitude. To take action and not walk away!

3 thoughts on “1 Malaysia 0 Heart

  1. Kudos to you guys, TV + Sello + Siphiwe + Wani + Bomba Cyberjaya on a job well done. It’s about time we hear a feel good story.


    Dave Avran
    PAWS Animal Welfare Society

  2. “Not by its shiny towers and shallow Bolehness.”……best describes the Malaysians ! Kudos to Sello and Siphiwe the students from Botswana and of course to you, Wani and surprisingly the Fire and Rescue team ! These people just redeemed my faith in society today ! cheers !

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