Chong Kok Kopitiam

Iconic Chong Kok Kopitiam in Klang has all the ingredients of an old school Chinese coffee shop. Big wall clock, marble tabletop with mismatched plastic chairs, pictures of The King, The Queen, The Sultan, Prime Minister and Menteri Besar.

There are also candy jars at the cashier, a joss stick altar and an octogenarian barista with a yellowish cloth sieve and an attitude. You will also find friendly regulars sitting next to no-smoking signs and plenty of cigarette butts on the floor.

Importantly, it has one thing that is unusual these days. Malay, Chinese and Indian customers sitting together in a traditional kopitiam. What draws all the locals to  70-year-old Chong Kok? See the next pic.

Chong Kok Kopitiam

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