Find Me A Home, Please?

One of the biggest source of stray dogs in Malaysia are building and road construction sites. Tycoons who are awarded million-dollar projects try to stinge on hiring guards. Instead, they encourage the construction workers and the lone guard to keep dogs to protect machinery and equipment. The foreign workers take care of the dogs quite well, no doubt. But when the project is completed, they move on and their faithful dogs and puppies are left to roam the streets on their own.

Sometimes, the loyal dogs are ordered shot or poisoned by the owner as they continue to hang around to guard the spanking new buildings.

Rescued this abandoned, unwanted puppy some time ago. Found it a home subsequently. Do not buy a cat or dog from a pet shop or puppy mill. Thousands of animals are waiting for adoption at pounds and shelters. Many will be put down :-(

Find Me A Home, Please?

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