Hot Off The Oven

This one is for those asking about sending pictures from the camera to the phone wirelessly. I shoot with an Olympus OM-D (EM-5) and it has an optional hot shoe accessory (shown on top of viewfinder in pic) known as the PenPal PP-1.

Hot Off The Oven

When I review a picture in play mode, I can send the picture I like immediately to my Samsung Galaxy S3 or Sony Android Tablet S via Bluetooth. It works much faster and less
messier than any wi-fi solutions I tried. Once the picture is transmitted to my tablet, I use Photoshop Touch to crop, resize and watermark for Instagram. For the Galaxy S3, I use the free Photo Editor app for this task.

Some may argue that a phone can shoot and upload a picture straight away. Yes but can you choose any focal length without sacrificing quality? Can you have access to a high quality specialty lens such as an ultra-wide, a low-light prime or a super tele?

The pictures posted to Instagram are automatically replicated as a photo post on my blog ( I have set a delay so I can add / edit the text if needed. During a ‘breaking news’ event, it can go live together with Instagram. if I so choose.

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