I See Dead People (Buying DVDs)

Whisper after me: “I See Dead People (buying DVDs)”. Some superstitious Chinese do not go out tonight because they consider it risky. After one month of non-stop partying, the hungry ghosts are on their way back. According to Chinese beliefs, the gates of hell are opened for the last time tonight. Last call.

The month-long Hungry Ghost Festival saw many Chinese burning paper replicas of worldly possessions for their dead relatives or ancestors. These include gadgets such as smart phones, tablets and DVD players. Blu-ray is not as popular yet in the netherworld, it seems.

By attaching several ND (Neutral Density) filters to the lens, I was able to reduce the intensity of daylight drastically. This allowed me to use a very slow exposure to capture this seldom seen side of Chinatown. The camera’s slow shutter speed resulted in moving cars and people streaking into ghostly figures.

I See Dead People (Buying DVDs)


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