Is All In Your Mind, Really

Composing a picture is like writing an essay. It is a conscious process where you imagine it in your mind, first. I like to study a scene with my eyes, not with my camera.

Looking at the scene before me, I mentally worked out that I needed to include the make-up tools that are important in his trade. The mirror, the pouch and pencil on the floor are the visual elements that tell the story.

To better frame his nonchalant and yogi-like posture, I decided to go with a wide lens. The inclusion of the other performer getting ready in the background added another important element. It shows the different stages of preparation.

When you put your eyes to the viewfinder, you should already know what you want in the picture. All you need to do is to fine-tune what you visualised earlier.

See previous pic for another backstage look at the Opera of The Nine Emperor Gods Festival.

Is All In Your Mind, Really

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