Kit For Kids

Got to love these kids for their sheer exuberance and spontaneity. I was exploring this strange Kampung Balang with its labyrinth of narrow roads and paths earlier today. Stumbled upon a religious school deep inside and this group of kids were waiting for their school bus. Since my car was caught in a little jam outside the school, I rolled my window down to take a picture. Without cue or prompt they automatically struck this cute group pose. With cars behind me, I had like 3 or 4 seconds to get the shot.

The takeaway here is simple. You may have an arsenal of lenses but when driving always mount the kit lens as it can handle most unexpected moments. Set your exposure mode to P, enable AF and you are good to go. You never know what will appear round the corner.  And when it does, you usually won’t have the luxury of time nor have control of the situation.

Kit For Kids

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