Lanterns Were Us

What was your favourite lantern when you were a kid? I liked the fish because it cast its fascinating scaly patterns on the wall. The dragon was good too. I made it dance and float on a stick. The superheroes were a rare treat. Nowadays, kids prefer Angry Birds and Powerpuff characters than the traditional animals. Or Batman and Superman.

Children would parade around the neighbourhood with lighted lanterns. All these happened for a month leading to the Mid-Autumn Festival. In Malaysia, the event is also known as the Mooncake Festival or Lantern Festival (Pesta Tanglung)

The colourful cellophane lantern in a wire frame is not the folding accordion-type the West is familiar with. As an adult, you too can have fun with lanterns using your camera. Study candlelight photography with lanterns. Hang one up and photograph the shadows it projects on a wall. Use a white mahjong paper or kitchen foil to provide fill light in front. Experiment, click and have fun with your own light show.

The Mid-Autmn Festival (中秋节) falls on 30th September this year.

Lanterns Were Us

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