Line Clear

What do you get when you cross Starsky and Hutch with Siskel and Ebert? You get two thumbs up minus the guns. You still get the same menacing faces, though.

Funny thing about the crew at the iconic Penang restaurant named Line Clear is that whenever you point your camera at them, they will stop whatever they are doing and strike this pose. No smiles, no nothing. Just the same Clint Eastwood poker face with two thumbs up.

Line Clear is one of the oldest and most famous Indian-Muslim Nasi Kandar stalls in Penang. It operates from a side lane and is open 24-hours. Legend has it that the name was derived from shouts of relief when ‘night soil’ carriers finished rushing through the lane, back in the 1930s.

Line Clear Nasi Kandar Restaurant Penang

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