Maggi Goreng

The Japanese instant noodles was invented more than fifty years ago. Its block packaging has since evolved into ramen cup noodles. For many students and workers staying away from home, it became a staple food.

As a testament of its success, Nestle’s Mi Maggi or Maggi Mee (from Chinese word ‘mein’) became synonymous with instant noodles in Malaysia.

Funnily, the humble hostel room meal is now offered as a mainstream item in coffee shops. Many restaurants also serve a stir-fried version generically named ‘Maggi Mi Goreng’ in which garnishes are added on top of the sachet of seasoning. Unlike fresh noodles, instant noodles break into characteristic short strips when stir-fried.

The quality of the cooking vary and thus I was happy to stumble upon a really tasty fried version at Kashmir Cafe in Kelana Jaya. The lady boss explained that she uses only the original Maggi brand. Nothing less.

Olympus OM-D, ISO 200, f5, 1/60 sec.

Maggi Mi Goreng

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