My New Boloka

I started blogging in 1998, during the days of the now defunct Geocities.  It was the days of 14Kbps!  Yeah. The speed of which my current Streamyx 4Mbps ‘broadband’ emulates ever so often.

The word Blog wasn’t even invented then. I moved my Dua Sen blog from within MyCen portal to its own domain and server at in 2006.

Dua Sen Blog

Dua Sen Blog

I was saddled with a legacy problem. My entire blog was html-handcoded on a notepad, originally.  It worked fine but updating was a chore as I had to manually update the rss, related links, ftp and do a bunch of other stuff each time.

Here I am, twelve years on and succumbing to CMS and template blogging. I am also moving the photography blog over here. House warming soon and you are all invited. Boloka is Hokkien for Blog, by the way.

4 thoughts on “My New Boloka

  1. eh..kecil hati ke…terus tak ada header picture pulak..hehee..since you have so many good pictures, it’s difficult to choose the most beautiful and appropriate one..

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