New Olympus OM-D EM-1

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EM-1 vs EM-5 size comparison

EM-1 vs EM-5 size comparison. My battle-scarred EM-5 (left) is fitted with the 12-50 kit lens while the EM-1 (right) is fitted with the new 12-40 mm lens.

Many of the handling issues ironically originates from the fact that I have grown accustomed to the layout of the EM-5. Thus if you are thinking of using either camera as a second or backup unit, it might actually be counter-productive, at least initially.

I hate the new four way-dial most. It requires pushing with the finger nails to move the pointer, for example. Thankfully, some of the navigation can also be done with the dials in combination with SCP. The play button is now in a more sensible location but the re-location of the Info and Menu buttons can be frustrating too for a EM-5 user. On the bright side, the buttons are bigger and the frustratingly small power switch of the EM-5 has been relocated to the top left hand corner.

The other thing I hated, or could not get used to initially, was the bottom right corner pushing uncomfortably against the palm, when cusped in the right hand. Installing the optional power battery holder and grip strap may help here. Nevertheless, all the little niggles are forgiven, when you look into the big, bright and gorgeous viewfinder!

By the way, great news for EM-5 users upgrading or getting a second body. Both models share the same battery. Also, before I return the camera, I reset it. The handy SCP or Super Control Panel is now, sensibly, a factory default. Olympus do listen to feedback :-)

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2 thoughts on “New Olympus OM-D EM-1

  1. “Pro lens should come with a hood” – LOL – my E-510, E-620 two kit lenses had free hoods, the 25mm DSLR lens did not have a hood because it is a pancake, the 75mm mft lens is expensive but has no free hood. Olympus stopped giving free hoods easily when they went MFT

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