New Olympus OM-D EM-1

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Other Features:

1. Small and light body. High performance and ultra-large EVF viewfinder that surpass DSLR cameras are included on a compact, lightweight body that could not be found on a DSLR. When combined with the compact ZUIKO lens system, comfortable shooting is available anytime and anywhere.

2. 1/8000 sec high-speed shutter and sequential shooting performance With the 1/8000 sec. high-speed shutter, quick-moving sports shooting is possible, and the maximum aperture value can be enjoyed even under bright daylight conditions. The high depictive performance of the ZUIKO lens system draws out the very best and most appealing aspects of scenes.

Additionally, high-speed sequential shooting is available with a maximum frame when using auto focus tracking of 6.5 fps for approximately 50 shots in RAW (continuous shooting time of approx. 8 sec). With S-AF sequential shooting, a maximum high-speed sequential shooting frame rate of 10 fps provides approximately 41 shots in RAW. With rates like these, this model possesses the same high-performance as DSLR cameras.
*with a Toshiba SDHC UHS-I card EXTRA Type 1 32 GB card and with I.S. off for 10 fps.

3. Advanced controls. The large-size grip takes into consideration Four Thirds lenses, and the logical layout of the large buttons makes for excellent controls. Controls are improved with a sure grip, while maintaining dustproof and splashproof performance. The mechanical release switch and large grip similar to the E-5 ensure comfortable continued shooting. From a functional perspective, controls have been improved in various ways such as the settings reset function by pressing and holding the OK button, the toggle option for My Settings shortcut, and the dial lock mechanism to prevent unintentional movement of the mode dial during shooting.

4. 2 x 2 Dial Control. Four often used functions, aperture/shutter speed, exposure compensation, ISO speed, and white balance can now be switched with the lever or two dials. Comfortable controls are maintained while providing customization for an intuitive approach to shooting exactly as photos are envisioned.

5. Built-in Wi-Fi. The OLYMPUS OM-D E-M1 is equipped with a built-in Wi-Fi function. When using the OLYMPUS Image Share (O.I.Share) shutter can be operated wirelessly from a smartphone while viewing the Live View screen, and location information obtained with a smartphone can be added to images on the camera. The remote function has also been improved so that various shooting modes (P, A, S, M, iAUTO) are now available. Users can now wirelessly adjust various settings such as the shutter speed, aperture value, and exposure compensation from a smartphone. The new Live Bulb shooting mode is also available for even greater shooting enjoyment.

6. Art Filter and PHOTO STORY. New variations have been added to the Olympus-original photo expressions, Art Filter and PHOTO STORY. With these features, normal, everyday scenes can be enhanced in various ways with more personality, further expanding photographic possibilities.

a) Creatively paint photos with Art Filter. Equipped with 12 Art Filters that fuel the spark of imagination. The new Art Filter variation Diorama II has been added to the OLYMPUS OM-D E-M1. The traditional shooting method in the horizontal position offered only Top and Bottom Blur Effect (Diorama I), but now Left and Right Blur Effect (Diorama II) is available. Not only is Top and Bottom Blur Effect available for vertical shooting, but because Olympus’s Diorama effect gradually strengthens blurring at the focus point of origin, not only can the Diorama effect be enjoyed, but this feature can be used to shoot portraits with a shallow depth of field. Diorama is also newly added to Art Effects and can be used for top and bottom, and left and right blur effects. With a total of 8 Art Effects and a rich variation of Frame Effects, users will never run out of options.

b) PHOTO STORY has the ability to add multiple viewpoints to a single scene PHOTO STORY, which lets users shoot a normal, everyday scene from multiple viewpoints feature the new theme, Speed. User simply slides a finger inside the frame to enjoy sequential shooting via the Touch AF Shutter. With Standard, which offers a rich variety of types and frames, and Fun Frames, which provides three stylish variations for artistic touches, everyday occurrences will become memorable scenes that look just as users imagine them..

7. HDR shooting and Hand-Held Starlight. The E-M1 is equipped with HDR Shooting for 2 different patterns of automatic merging in the camera. With a single press of the shutter button, 4 images with differing exposures are captured and automatically merged into a single HDR image. Artistic HDR images are easy to capture when the HDR Bracketing mode, made possible by the wide 12 EV range, is set. This model also includes the Hand-Held Starlight function which merges 8 images for beautiful images of night scenes with minimal noise. With this feature it is easy to enjoy beautiful night scenes.

8. Advanced Picture Mode. Up to now, e-Portrait could only be used in Scene Mode, and is now available in Picture Mode along with the newly-added Color Creator. RAW processing is still supported in the existing Picture Mode.

9. Focus Peaking. The E-M1 is equipped with the Focus Peaking function for manual focus assistance such as when shooting with an older lens. Border edges appear emphasized in white or black near areas in focus. In combination with In-body Image Stabilization, usability of manual focus lenses is dramatically improved.

10. Interval shooting/Time Lapse Movie. The number of possible shots in Interval Shooting has increased to 999. The recording time length for Time Lapse Movies has increased to 100 seconds.

11. Live Bulb. A histogram can be displayed during Live Bulb for assistance in adjusting the exposure. Users simply need to look at the monitor while optimizing the exposure. Additionally, monitor brightness will automatically dim during Live Bulb shooting to avoid unnecessary brightness.

See next page for Concept Video Concept  and Touch and Try Event.

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  1. “Pro lens should come with a hood” – LOL – my E-510, E-620 two kit lenses had free hoods, the 25mm DSLR lens did not have a hood because it is a pancake, the 75mm mft lens is expensive but has no free hood. Olympus stopped giving free hoods easily when they went MFT

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