New Premium PEN

I went for a preview of Olympus’ upcoming new camera yesterday. It was a hush hush, closed-door affair and because of the NDA (non-disclosure agreement), I cannot reveal anything more (as yet). All I can say is the design, specs and new features are awesome!

Launched ! Read up here.

The new flagship PEN will be unveiled worldwide, at 1pm Malaysian time (GMT+8),10th May 2013. Watch this space for exclusive pics and updates. Follow me on Instagram too:

A hands-on ‘Touch n Try’ event for the public will be held on 11th May. You can pre-register for the event here (FB) or here (website)

The door gift turned out to be pretty interesting, too. It is a tiny replica camera (not of the new model) that sits on top of the hotshoe. The lens is interchangeable. Think it should be a useful distraction when photographing children and curious adults :-)

New Olympus Camera

Update: When I met Mr Akira Watanabe, Manager of Olympus Imaging’s SLR Planning Department at the meeting, I asked him whether they listen to feature wishlist (on forums/websites/etc). He said yes but they have to prioritise.

Later when the specs were unveiled, I was pleasantly surprised to find two features that I (and many users) requested, implemented in the upcoming PEN :-)

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