Riding Like A Blur Sotong

It was around year 2001 and I was riding my old Harley down a lonely, dusty road. Half expecting balls of tumbleweeds to roll out, I was surprised by an orange Milwaukee sign instead. What I thought was a Harley-Davidson workshop turned out to be a truck stop-style diner from near.

I wasn’t on Wisconsin Highway 66. I was in the boondocks of Balakong. The old route from The Mines to Balakong was being straightened and widened, resulting in blinding and blurring dust.

12 years later, I re-visited the place today. Amazingly, waitress (now manager) Pam and Chef Razak Amin are still there. So is their Juicy Calamari Steak and many other delicious Western-style dishes in (the now refined) menu.

Originally, the biker-owner intended Milwaukee Steak Corner as a shrine to the iconic brand. Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA is after all, Harley-Davidson headquarters.

Milwaukee Steak Corner is at 36 Jalan Kasturi 1, off Jalan Balakong, Cheras, Malaysia.  Tel: +603 9076 4522

Milwaukee Steak Corner’s signature Juicy Calamari Steak (a.k.a. sotong or squid steak) photographed with the Olympus OM-D, ISO 200, f2, 1/125 sec.

Milwaukee Steak Corner's Juicy Calamari Steak

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