Roti Telur

For me, a good Roti Telur is one with crispy but lightly burnt skin fused generously with tantalising eggs. The fluffy mixture inside should be garnished sparingly with fried onion bits. The recipe may be simple but there is surprising variety in quality and taste.

One very good place to sample Roti Telur is a stall in the MBBJ Medan Selera in SS 3/33. The stall (with no name) is numbered 4, 5 and 6 and is run by an Indian family. Apart from the delicious Roti Telur (as shown in picture below), they serve authentic putu mayam and vadai (among other breakfast food).

Roti Telur is the egg-added variation of the popular dough-based dish known locally as Roti Canai. The circular flatbread is known as Roti Prata in Singapore. At the stall I mentioned, it is served on a circular metal tray with compartments for dhal (lentil and bean stew) and spicy curry gravy and sambal paste (a spicy chili pepper condiment).

Roti Telur

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