Smart Is Stupid

I filmed a video preview of DUKE (Duta-Ulu Kelang Expressway) a few days before it opened last April. It is truly a convenient highway but after using it frequently for a year, there is one thing that really irks me.

The Smart TAG lanes behave really stupid, at least half the time. I almost always have to switch to the adjacent Touch N Go lane because of some inadvertent foul-up.

I am aware that many a time it was probably the drivers’ fault. You know those idiots who tailgate into the lane, the clueless who don’t replace weak batteries, the thrifty who don’t top up even when required and the careless who don’t aim properly, etc. But to have the system not functioning ever so often?

True enough, when I drove with the videocam mounted yesterday, the barrier predictably failed to open. Stranded cars were reversing their way out, as usual. After a year, the only remedy appeared to be the installation of a manual Touch N Go swipe sensor. Does that not defeat the whole purpose of using an infrared device?

And at the Air Panas Toll Plaza, the Smart TAG lane ought to be in the middle and not at the extreme right. Why? Because there is an exit immediately to the left, after the toll. Imagine motorcycles casually criss-crossing from their extreme left lane into cars swinging in from the extreme right.

In spite of that, it is still a pleasant ten minutes drive from Mont Kiara to UK. Once upon a time, the journey can take up to an hour during peak hours. Anyway, here’s the updated video, stupid lane and all…

DUKE Driving Video Ver 2.0:

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