Spray And Pray

Water flowing from a tap into a pail in my garden. Olympus OM-D set to 1/4000th of a second and fired at 9 frames per second since the bubbles form nicely only on first impact. If your camera can machine-gun at those speeds or faster, I suggest you use “spray and pray” techniques sparingly. Why? Just like a car, the shutter mechanism has a rated lifespan. Usually averaging 150,000 shots for the average camera. Some less, some more. It should still work after exceeding the rating but why create wear and tear unnecessarily?

Remember this: Every happy, reckless burst and your camera will die earlier. Replacing the shutter assembly can cost as much as buying a new camera. Don’t forget that many cameras also record the shutter count (actuations) and a prospective buyer may check the mileage. Save it for a rainy day or unless it is your company’s camera or part of your business expense as a professional photographer. You don’t want to be trigger happy with your hard earned money.

Spray And Pray

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