The Big Fish

My friends Daniel (below left), Bernard and gang caught some fishes big enough to make the MACC envious. They were fishing in Bungsamran Fishing Park, north of Bangkok and at Predator Lake in Ratchaburi Province. 

Big Fish

The Big Kahuna

No. There are no nuclear plants nearby. I am not a fishing kaki and was astonished to see the size of those Mekong monsters. I wouldn’t have believe them if they didn’t e-mail the pics. You know how anglers and men exaggerate length.

Bernard (below) was also declared the winner of the Like-Angler-Like-Fish contest (ala those Like-Father-Like-Son contests) :) Well done, guys!

Like Angler Like Fish

Winning Pair of the Look-Alike Contest

3 thoughts on “The Big Fish

  1. Dear M F, we practice catch & release.The Giant Mekong cat fish was estimated to be at least 80Kg. by our Thai fishing guide. Regarding the 2nd. photo, the cute one is Bernard ;-)

  2. Its good to finally see proof from the ‘fishing trips’ they keep taking to Bangkok every few months. I was always a bit suspicious to hear about the good fish in BKK.

  3. I can see your not a fisherman Mr Smith. No mention of length, weight, gear, breaking strain line and so on. I’m curious how one of these monsters is caught and what they taste like. By the way in the bottom picture, which one is Bermard?

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