The Day I Met Snow White & The Seven Giants

A random pictorial of the Carnival Expo Malaysia that begins today at MAEPS

Snow White

Snow White & The Seven Giants

I know this is a Malaysian expo but the kids love Dopey and the adults, they love apples.

The Malaysian Bee

The Malaysian Bee?

I am not so in-tuned with mascots and round-tummy characters. Can someone tell me who or what is this Malaysian Bee thing?

Wrong Target

Over Her Shoulders

I was trying to focus on the midget mime behind her. Really.

Motionless Mime

Motionless Mime

Do you still call them mimes when the only thing they do is stay motionless? There are three or four of them of various colours.



OK. Let’s go into the halls. What’s a carnival without a sushi-go-round? Sushi King’s conveyor belt exhibition is a big hit.

Pineapple Sorbet

Pineapple Sorbet

My favourite find is Pacific West’s new creamy sorbet in a natural fruit shell. But how do I take a decent photo of it before it melts? I found a spot on the floor where a ray of daylight was leaking from the ceiling above.

Big Draw

Hold Your Fire

I guess you can figure out what’s the big draw at this booth.



Yay! Good old Malaysian products, finally. Oily, greasy, fried food.

The Hangar-Sized Food Court

The Hangar-Sized Food Court

Everything is monster-sized at MAEPS. Giant dwarves, giant halls, giant car parks, giant food court…

Wanna see how big the whole place is?
See a satellite map and pic of MAEPS at MyCen Directions.

Wanna know where on earth is MAEPS?
See the location map and surroundings at MyCen Maps.

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