The Great Lakes Of Malaysia

In the previous post, Predator Lake in Thailand is also referred to as Monster Lake. We have a monster lake right in our backyard.

Monster Lake, Puchong

Monster Lake, Puchong

It is actually a former mining pit in Puchong, just like the many so-called lakes in Malaysia. Unlike a natural lake, the water in abandoned tin mines is usually contaminated with heavy metal, making it uninhabitable for most fishes.  Yet, the lifeless mines can be magically transformed into water parks or theme parks, provided the location is strategic or the conditions conducive enough.

The view of one of these excavated lakes is quite spectacular when seen from the recently opened portion of the SKVE linking Puchong. The new highway known as South Klang Valley Expressway will connect Kajang/Putrajaya to the Westport eventually. MyCen has a detailed map of the route, directions, location of the lakes and other info here.

While the current flavour of planting oil palm can result in rapid deforestation (as seen in Indonesia), tin mining was harmful to our environment too.  In Nigeria, the tin mines left a legacy of polluted water supplies, impoverished land and even radioactive waste.

With scant awareness of the health hazards, thousands of men and women toiled to make our nation the world’s top producer of tin at one time. Ironically, their contributions and place in history are largely ignored and conveniently overlooked.

The giant scars now serve as silent epitaphs to a past forgotten…

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