The Secret World Of Vuvuzelas

I hate plastic vuvuzelas. They make the most awful and irritating sounds. I think the China factories must have an overrun from the 2010 World Cup. If your blowing isn’t noticeable, you can add a compressed air can and mutate it into an air horn. They are now sold at every event, including this election rally in Putrajaya.

If you enjoy photography, the elections need not be about banners, politicians or supporters. Find a different angle. In this case, I placed the camera on ground level next to a street stall. The colourful vuvuzelas sprang to life. With a very strong sun behind, they became glow sticks in this seldom-seen view. Like a peek into a surreal, fantasy world.

I upped the saturation a bit and added a diffusion filter. This enhanced the neon effect and soften the very sharp ultrawide lens. Placing a woman’s stocking over the lens can also produce a similar effect.

Olympus OM-D, ISO 200, f11, 1/800 sec.

The Secret World Of Vuvuzelas

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