Total Eclipse Of The Moon

The lunar eclipse last night began at around 7:30 pm and ended at about 1:30 am this morning. The dark clouds hovering over Kuala Lumpur soon gave way to the majestic alignment of sun, moon and earth.

It was an awesome sight to behold when the earth’s shadow concealed the moon completely. The moon turned reddish during the umbral phase when it was lit only by indirect sunlight. Unlike the eclipse of June 2011, this was a rare total eclipse!

Moonlight Shadow

Moonlight Shadow

At 9:35pm, the shadow of the earth can be seen on the face of the moon. Olympus E-PL2, ISO 200, f9, 1/20 sec

Orange-Red Moon

Orange-Red Moon

At 10:35pm, it was total eclipse but you can still see a faint red disc in the sky. Indirect sunlight bouncing in space gives it the copper glow. Olympus E-PL2, ISO 200, f5, 1.6 sec

All pictures photographed with the Olympus E-PL2 by & © TV Smith

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