Toy Story

I was walking behind a stranger and his toddler in Bukit Bintang. All of a sudden, the little girl broke free and tip-toed towards some mechanical toys on the sidewalk.

It was a photo moment not to be missed. For the child’s P.O.V. (point-of-view), I lowered the camera to her eye level. Speed of reaction is important as the parent is bound to drag the disappointed kid away. There is another factor for which I have no control. Luck.

Since the toys all have motorised swaying heads, I was lucky the curious cat was looking at camera while the two dogs were staring at the kid. When these little elements fall together, it makes the pic even better.

Most people shoot almost everything at their eye-level. Which isn’t a bad thing. When the occasion arises, lower or raise your camera and your pictures take on a whole new perspective. Try it.

Toy Story

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