Transit of Venus 2012

Transit of Venus

Transit of Venus photographed from Kuala Selangor, Malaysia at 10:24 am (+8 GMT)
Olympus OM-D EM-5, ISO 200, f 9, 1/4000 sec
(with Cokin ND8 x 4)

A once in a lifetime spectacle unfolded this morning. Venus passed directly between the Sun and Earth. This very rare event has happened only twice this century. The next occurrence will be in 105 years (2117). I am lucky to be able to witness and photograph both the transits that took place this century. The last one was in the year 2004.

It took 4 ND8 filters to rein in the raw sun. Even then, the camera was already pushing its maximum 1/4000 sec and lowest ISO to achieve a fairly optimum f 9. Venus appeared as a small black speck sailing across the gigantic sun. Spectacular nevertheless and impossible to view with the naked eyes due to the intensity of the rays.

OM-D Venus set-up
Olympus 75-300mm tele lens paired with the OM-D. I shot the crossing handheld since the speed was already so high. Gear photographed with Samsung Galaxy S3. The picture was sent directly from the OM-D to my Sony S Android Tablet via the PenPal bluetooth accessory (seen here on the hotshoe). From there, it was cropped, resized and uploaded to the Internet. No laptop or PC was used in the work flow.

Click on image to see the BIG PICTURE

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