Put Your Finger On It

There are many henna art stalls at the Deepavali Bazaar in Little India Klang. This little girl was waiting for the dye to dry while her mother gets her’s done. When the focus point is off-center, I normally use the 4-way pad to shift the AF square in the viewfinder of the OM-D. For this shot, I used ‘tap focus’ on the LCD screen instead.

Where there is cluttered background, you may want switch to Aperture Priority mode and drop the aperture to a bigger opening (smaller f number). I selected f3.5 on the 12-50mm kit lens. It provided the subtle change of focus starting from the hand to the blurred fluorescent lights. The shallower depth-of-field ‘lifted’ her hand from the background but is still clear enough for the viewver to make out the activity behind.

If you have a camera that can control the aperture, put your finger on it. Use it subtly.

Put Your Finger On It

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