Burps & Giggles

Wagyu Beef Burger from Burps & Giggles.

A quick visit to the quirky and fun Burps and Giggles and adjoining Buku Tiga Lima in Ipoh.

Call me lazy or old-fashioned but I rather have a printed menu with pictures than to walk all over the place to look for several chalkboard menus. I know is a hip thing but it is not helpful at all.

The mechanical waitress, at first, said everything is good when I asked for a recommendation. She then suggested the Wagyu Beef Burger as a signature dish. I had to ask the price.

As I was photographing the fish and chips, a staff member brought an egg which they forgot while preparing the burger. It was a nice and honest touch but we wouldn’t have noticed anyway. We were ordering blind. It is OK for a hawker-style place like Williams in SS4 to just put the menu and prices on a white board. Wait a minute. Williams charges even more. Haha. At least, he puts it all in one place.

Turns out to be a pretty decent burger (@ RM 28) but not spectacular. Your taste may differ. Try their Fish and Chips, if you don’t take beef.

Wagyu Beef Burger from Burps & Giggles

Olympus OM-D, ISO 500, f4.2, 1/30 sec.

Burps and  Giggles and Buku Tiga Lima is at 93 & 95 Jalan Sultan Yussuf, 30000 Ipoh, Perak. Tel: 05 242 6188.

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