WordPress for Android

Yay! WordPress for Android app allows me to post from my Samsung Galaxy S phone any time, anywhere.

Galaxy S & Android & WordPress

Galaxy image from my.samsungmobile.com & screenshots from android.wordpress.org

The Galaxy S with its 4-inch Super AMOLED screen is already easier to read or type, when compared with my previous phones. And now with this app, I can write and post from bed, as I am doing now :)

Have not really tested all the features as yet. A cursory inspection revealed a built-in comment notification and approval function in the application. Everything seems intuitive enough.

Posted from WordPress for Android

Edit: For the purpose of this test, I edited this post from the desktop, after uploading it as draft from the phone. One can easily set categories and create tags too, after composing the post while mobile.  I inserted the pic and video from the PC but I am sure it can be done on the phone itself. I am feeling too sleepy to figure that out for now. Good night…

Links: WordPress for Android | Samsung Galaxy S Malaysia

Watch the video:

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